Paul McCartney´s ´Egypt Station´

Paul McCartney´s new upcoming album "Egypt Station"

Sir Paul McCartney is back with a new album (after depriving us for five years)…well, there have been collaborations. Both good and questionable. The album will be released on September 7th, but we have been able to hear three songs.

This is the Paul we love and remember. Yes, his voice sounds a bit coarse, (the man is 76) but I rather like it, and I will take it over any auto-tuned shit always. It sounds energetic and it is definitely a new song, but it is reminiscent of Wings. The back up singing maybe? I don’t know, but it is probably one of his best songs from the past 2 decades. 

For Egypt Station Paul writes 16 songs and has only one co-writer, an interesting collaboration with One Direction´s Ryan Tedder (who has also written songs for Ariana Grande, U2, Adele, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, Kell Clarson, etc…) in comparison to Ed Sheeran whose last album has 21 co-authors, or of course to this now classic meme: 

*By Unknown*

Sir Paul also plays bass, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, bongos, harmonium, harmonica, harpsichord, synthesizer, tom-toms, ‘Brennel guitar tape loops’, triangle, congas, handclaps, foot stomps, ‘ankle bells’ and ‘bird recording’. Phew!

The song is fun, catchy, cheeky, playful and already in the hearts of millions after the now extended and best 23:42 minutes of television ever <3

The title of the album comes from one of Sir Paul´s paintings.  As many other people, Paul has different outlets for his creativity. But as it said in his exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, 2002:

” His aim is not to win critical acclaim but to further his artistic and creative output – to take risks, break conventions and flout expectations. It is a typical of a man who has already pioneered popular music, ventured into the genres of film, soundtracks and orchestral music and supports the wider arts industry through projects like the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.”

Now, everyone talks about how Madonna reinvents herself constantly, and haters will say that Paul keeps releasing the same album over and over, but this is further proof of his eternally young spirit. This song sounds like something that could have been released by any teen artist now (only better!). Sure, its not “Blackbird” but, does it have to be to be a success? 

Egypt Station is a testimony to an artist who continues to evolve, take risks, and explore. I wish all of us would learn from him, and to have the courage to listen to the voice inside each of us, and follow through. What a way to keep the spirit alive.
His musicianship is unrivaled, his creativity has given us some the most important songs of the century and has changed not only pop culture, but world culture, in ways which will be continued to be talked about and studied probably for centuries to come.  

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