Prince: A Tribute

I don’t even know where to start. First Bowie, now this. Two bonafide musical geniuses gone already in 2016 and it’s only April. What the shitting hell is up with 2016?

How do I feel? Shocked. yes; surprised, of course. Beyond that I haven’t yet managed to figure out what to think or what to say. So I won’t say much.

I first remember becoming vividly aware of Prince when I heard, for the first time, the song ‘When Doves Cry’ on the radio. In fact, that’s one of those childhood musical moments that really stuck with me. I recall the immediate allure of the lyrics in the chorus despite not really having any idea what they were about, being 11 or 12 years old.

At that age Prince seemed to me like one of the oddest things ever, this slick purple flash, all preening and posing and pulling off the most outrageous dance moves. During the 80’s the big 3 were Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince and whilst it’s arguable the other two maybe just eclipsed him in terms of sheer weight of fans, it was Prince who had the greater musical talents, a multi-talented musician, truly extraordinary performer, and prodigously prolific songwriter. The complete package, Prince simply oozed music from every part of his being, effortlessly and naturally.

And now he’s gone, just as it seemed like he was back to his best in years. He played his final live show just last week, was releasing new music, and after a few years in the wilderness was back to reminding everybody just how damn good he really was.

So anyway, I really don’t have anything more to add other than they don’t make ’em like that very often, hardly ever at alll in fact. We should be grateful we lived in an age where we got to enjoy him properly.

From us here at MVD a sincere R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson

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