PSY – GANGNAM STYLE – 2 Billion views on YouTube

About 2 years ago now I remember hearing about but not hearing of a music video that had gone viral. It was by a Korean guy, was a super cheesy dance tune, and it had a video which involved some kind of horse-riding dance move.


Now I will admit none of this exactly recommended it to me and unlike half the rest of the planet I was in no rush to see what all the fuss was about. Then at some point I ended up in the house of friend who is obsessed (and I do mean that) with Asian pop-culture and she insisted on playing it. “You won´t really get it” she said “until you´ve seen it!”. And so I sat and watched. At this point it would be easy for me to say one of two things: firstly that on watching it I was completely converted and ended up playing and playing it like so many others OR I could tell you that I loathed it immediately and swore never to defile my brain by watching it again. The truth, however, is a little more mundane. I quite enjoyed it, by which I mean I was entertained, I got why people were talking about it and I think I did end up watching it again on my own maybe once or twice. In all honesty, whilst I could see what the fuss was about to a certain extent I thought – assumed – that within a month or two it would be old news and we would all have moved on. It seemed to me like yet another viral video that would pale after a while, like Fenton the dog or Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday (remember him??? I couldn´t blame you if you don´t…).

And so here we are 2 years and hundreds of excruciatingly unfunny parody videos later later and Gangnam Style has just surpassed 2 Billion hits on Youtube, an unprecedented feat and one which puts him mile ahead of his nearest competitor (Justin Bieber´s ´Baby´ which has just over 1 Billion). Why is anybody´s guess. It would seem that this horse dance has legs (yes I really just wrote that!).

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