Rose Petal and Almond Ice Cream: The playlist.

A recipe and a playlist to go with it!

We have something completely new for you today: our first guest writer!

My dear friend (you could say she is like a sister to me) Ana has been writing a cooking blog for the past years, and she is an excellent cook with original and classy recipes. The blog is in Spanish and you can find it here. And you can find here on Facebook here. Ana came up with the idea of having us do a playlist for one of here recipes. She translated it so we could publish here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. You can find the playlist here: MVD Ice Cream.

Tom Waits – Ice Cream Man

Rose Petal and Almond Ice Cream

you’ve heard me speak here about Naty quite a few times, she’s my soul-mate kind of friend, a friend I inherited and never let go… Naty and I have a lot in common, things like books, movies, food (I cook, she eats) and music (she plays, I listen!), and since music is one of her great passions, and she and Paul have this wonderful blog where they dissect and analyze all kinds of music, what better idea then than to make it a collaboration of passions!

The idea is to do food and music pairing:  I choose the recipe, and Naty and Paul choose 10 songs to go with it… sounds ok to you? good, here we go then

The recipe is Rose Petal and Almond Ice Cream, it was inspired by some wonderful edible rose petals I was lucky enough to score at the airport in Quito.  Nevado Roses grows and sells beautiful flowers, that are also organic and perfectly edible, and they even sell little packs of petals.  Is a great recommendations if you ever find yourselves in Ecuador!

Because when we think about roses we think about love, Naty and Paul´s recommendation is to enjoy this ice cream together with 10 very unexpected songs, ranging from Tom Waits to Rosario and from Elvis Costello to Kanye… a ton of flavour there!


Rose Petal Ice Cream

RECIPE – Rose Petal and Almond Ice Cream

Ingredients (Makes about one litre)

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of edible rose petal (make sure they’re not sprayed)
  • 2 tbs rose water
  • 400 ml heavy cream
  • 4 tbs almonds, finely chopped
  • 1/2 tsp lemon juice
1.  In a medium bowl mix sugar, rose petals and rose water.  shake well, cover and refrigerate for one hour
2.  Once the sugar is ready,  mix the cream with the sugar mixture and the almonds.  simmer for 15 minutes, set aside and wait for the mixture to come to room temperature.  refrigerate overnight
3.  Put the cream mixture in your ice cream maker and churn as per your makers instructions.  check sweetness and adjust if necessary (cold cream will be less sweet).  add the lemon juice and churn for an additional 5 minutes
4.  If you don’t have an ice cream maker, put the cream mixture in a metallic bowl and freeze, whipping it every hour to break any ice crystals that might have formed
5.  freeze the ice cream at the lowest possible temperature for 8 hours
And then enjoy with this really cool playlist, courtesy of Music Videos Deconstructed

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