New Reels ´Sorry´by Beyoncé

Unless you have been living under a rock, Queen B stunned the world her new, musically awesome and visually gorgeous album Lemonade earlier this year (here at MVD we love it). Well, now she has released a video for her song ´Sorry´and it includes Serena Williams and we get to see her sing the famous lyric “You better call Becky with the good hair“.

Sorry – Beyoncé

Regardless of who the song is actually written for, the song is catchy and innovative and the video is eye catching. Watching Serena William´s flaunting her body after all the body shaming she has gone through and the discussions around her body image, its empowering to see her, two strong black women, probably the best at what they do, raising their middle fingers to all the cheaters out there.

The video is directed by Kahlil-Joseph, from Pulse Films and probably one of hip hop´s most important directors and Beyoncé.  It is an act of defiance, a shout out of gender solidarity and those takes where she looks like Nefertiti make her look gorgeous and like the Queen of the Beehive she is, but also reaffirm the theory that she is definitely part of the Illuminati.


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