“Sugar” or Artificial Sweetener – Maroon 5

On December 6th last year Grammy award winning band Maroon 5 decided to record a video in which they would crash weddings in Los Angeles. The result of which is the new video for their new single:

Maroon 5 – Sugar


AWESOME right? but today I write about this with confused feelings: it is apparently fake!

I am speechless, devastated and MAD! This is going to be a cathartic post.

Before I “deconstruct” the video, let me say that although I am not a fan of Maroon 5, I don´t dislike them. I like their song: “Sunday Morning”, and their cover of “Sex and Candy“, I respect the fact that they are award winning musicians and talented artists and I LOVE Adam Levine, because he is hot, is a great coach on the voice, turns his chair for the contestants I would turn mine, is charismatic, chooses great songs for his artists to sing, has a decent taste in music and let me repeat because HE IS HOT!

Adam Levine
Adam Levine

The video for Sugar was released at the beginning of the week and has been making rounds all over the internet. I saw it and immediately shared it on twitter, and a few hours later it was all over cyber space and some friends had even shared it on Facebook. Thinking it was a great video I decided to do a post on it and now sadly, regret it.

Morpheus Warning


The video starts with Adam Levine telling us that they are going to crash weddings in Los Angeles

Adam Levine
Adam Levine

we see them driving around from one wedding to the next

Maroon 5
Maroon 5

and they crash the weddings surprising the bride and groom as so:

maroon5couplesand then they celebrate with the couple and guests

maroon5weddingfantastic, romantic and wonderful idea right? well THEY PLAYED ME!!!!!

I just loved the idea for the video, imagined what it would be like to have Maroon 5 show up at a wedding I was at, and thought it was cool, spontaneous and just made them seem like great guys to hang out with. Fortunately, there are minds that are more suspicious than mind, and now the internet has been buzzing about whether everything was “too perfect”. I must confess I found it convenient that

a – the couples were very attractive

b – They went to multiracial weddings

But hey, its Los Angeles, a lot of attractive people live there and from many different races, so that was as far as I went.

Now there are several articles that have popped up, the most complete one I would say is this one, from Cosmopolitan Magazine. It looks at the weddings and the “actors” that were part of the cast and leaves us with that fake taste in our mouths when we discover that 3 of the weddings were staged, not only did they know, but the bride and groom are actors! Apparently there was one real wedding and it took place in November and there was a call out on Twitter.

The fact that the director for the movie Wedding Crashers (great fun movie by the way) is there director of this video just makes it a little creepier, no? It feels like an artist who had a successful show and then paints all his paintings in the same theme…

I for once would had preferred a rough cut video, with dim lighting and imperfectly framed congratulation hugs but with real guests and a real couple and a real wedding, than having that cool original idea turn out to be so produced.  I still love Adam, but there is a little sourness in there now.

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7 thoughts on ““Sugar” or Artificial Sweetener – Maroon 5

  1. Ay Naty, era tan obvio! Lo supe en el segundo 15 del video! Sabes que fue lo que fue obvio para mi? Cuando bajan la cortina van en la mitad de la canción!

    1. Hola querida
      Pues yo pensé que no era filmado en one take, por eso ví lo de la canción en la mitad, pero es diferente saber que no es filmado en one take a pensar que las parejas son actores no? grgrgrgr 🙂
      Gracias por leer y comentar!

  2. AAACK! It burns, I know. You hope it’s real, you cross your fingers – but there is a nagging part of you that knows it’s fake! A shame though as they could have done it for real! Find people who love their songs who are getting married – easy since we Share everything about ourselves nowadays – stake out the location, get adequate security- have one or two key people in on the surprise and BOOM! you have created a piece of unscripted art that would have gone down in history – but nooooo you had to let folks down…are those tats even real? is that your torso?? Is that five o’clock shadow penciled in??? I will now boo him from my chair (clears throat) boooooooo!

  3. I love this post. I am with you in the nostalgia. I do that often, travel back in time whenever I go to a place that I had not been in a while. Sometimes I hate the feelings though. You could have bumped into the President and not realised it! 🙂

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