New Reels: ‘Systematic’ by Midnight Juggernauts

Of the many reasons we love TIMJ, one of them is being constantly exposed to new music. By new music we don’t mean it has just been released but the fact that is new to us. In any case, this song and video are from the year 2013, which for the internet/social media era it means it´s way past it´s prime, but in real life it is just on year old. Thanks to fellow jammer @mfitzsimons for introducing us to this wonderful video and  band!

Systematic (Official Video) – Midnight Juggernauts

This Australian band has probably won the internet…cats and a cool video, what more do you need?


The band: Andrew Szekeres, Vincent Vendetta, and Daniel Stricker.

Midniught J

The band has prog dance and hyper pop influences, and get their unique sound because all the instruments are played live through a range of samplers, pads and various acoustic instruments. They have been noted for their more eccentric approach having come from established creative arts backgrounds, and remain heavily active in various experimental audio-visual projects. This video is from their third album  “Uncanny Valley”. “They had an idea to throw dozens of cats around and we were curious to see how they could do that without offending animal cruelty groups,” says the band’s keyboardist Vincent Vendetta. “My initial reaction to the video was to laugh throughout—and obviously no animals were harmed.”

This music video is purr-fect!!!!!

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