Tacones Lejanos – Pedro Almodóvar

A look at Almodóvar´s modern classic movie Tacones Lejanos (High Heels) and its extraordinary soundtrack.

It has come to my attention that we have not done one single soundtrack for movies that are not in English…I think we have to broaden our soundtrack post to other languages and of course, I have decided to start with a modern classic movie which has a killer soundtrack. Tacones Lejanos is a movie from 1991 which followed his streak of movies from the late 80´s and his classic ¡Átame! which established him as an internationally acclaimed director.

Before we talk about the movie, let´s start the music with this wonderful song written in 1935 by Agustin Lara (One of Mexico´s most important Songwriters, who was also a renowned singer and actor) and his sister Maria Teresa Lara. I think after the movie in which this song premiered (“Revancha” (Revenge) in 1948) this version by Luz Casal is the most famous version of this song.

Piensa en mi ~ Luz Casal

I don´t want to spoil the movie for the ones who have not been lucky enough to see it, but it is classic Almodóvar, meaning it has twists and tragedy and comedy and drama and unique kitsch aesthetic. It is a story of a mother and her daughter and a lover they have in common, and murder, the media, fame, singing, a judge, a drag queen, inmates and human nature at its highest and not as higher points. It is special in the way it deals with the relationship between mother and daughter

“Becky del Páramo: My daughter, Do you hate me?

Rebeca: No , I love you very much mother.

Becky del Páramo: I was afraid you hated me.

Rebeca: I hated you sometimes, but even on those times I never stop loving you.”

El baile carcelario – (the prison dance) – movie scene

The movie stars Victoria Abril, Rocio Muñoz, Marisa Paredes and Spanish singer and actor Miguel Bosé in a JAW DROPPING role.


Miguel Bose en Tacones Lejanos

The score of the movie was done by the one and only Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Tacones Lejanos – Ryuichi Sakamoto

The movie is shocking and unexpected and surprising and a MUST see, as most of Almodóvar´s films. He is one of those few directors who is immediately recognizable. And so are his soundtracks. I own an album called The Songs of Almodóvar which I really recommend.

The movie was nominated for 5 Goya awards, a Golden Globe and awarded a prize at Cartagena´s Film Festival. Most famously though it won an Oscar for Best Foreign movie, a wonderful achievement and thoroughly deserved.

I will leave you with the clip of Bose lip sinking to Casal´s “Un año de amor” and remind you once again that this movie is a MUST watch.

Un Año de Amor ~ Luz Casal

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