The 80s: Why I am not a romantic

The Police´s “Every Breath you Take” and Glenn Medeiros “Nothing is gonna change my love for you” and why growing up in the 80´s was not the ideal period to grow up and be a romantic.

I grew up in the 80´s. I think it would be impossible to deny the influence that era had in me, my musical taste, my idea of the world, etc, etc, etc. I have always thought that music impacts my view on life and romance…it was probably because of songs like this that I am not a romantic.

Times were different then, and I grew up in a small city in Colombia, we had no internet, no YouTube and radio stations were mostly in Spanish. I remember on Sunday evenings when a National Station would broadcast “American top 40” with Casey Kasem. I was around 7 – 8, and I remember my dad would leave it on on our drive back from the farm. I went to Wikipedia and found out the man is still alive: Mr. Kasem: THANK YOU!


Casey Kasem - Main Page - Web-flat

Music is now very accessible. I don´t always remember to be grateful for that. Let´s take a moment to thank the music Gods for Spotify, this is my jam, YouTube, streaming services, torrents, internet radio stations, Itunes and all the different listening alternatives there are out there today.

Anyway, back in the day i was forced to listen to whatever was playing on the radio, and it was mostly love songs. Corny. Silly. Bad love songs. As previously mentioned, I think the quality of the songs are directly to blame for my rejection to many romantic ideas. I must also say that I grew up very close to my cousins, and one of them, Paula, is celebrating her birthday today (and she loves both of these songs) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA! I want to do a “One on One” of 2 songs that I heard over 100.000 times growing up and which pretty much paint a picture of the idea of 80´s romance and why I am glad that time is long gone.

Every Breath You Take – The Police

The stalker hymn par excellence. This is mostly about the lyrics.

Scary love. Low self esteem deranged obsessive love. I am glad Sting became a solo artist (that probably improved his mental health?) found Yoga. And Trudy. And Tantric sex. And the ability to have sex for HOW MANY HOURS??

This is Music Videos Deconstructed and we try to focus on that more than on the lyrics but this time I want to take a second to comment on them. I know we all know the lyrics, but here´s an example of just how disturbing they are:

“Every single day – 24/7 stalking confession.
Every word you say – recordings (?) techniques the NSA would be morally questioned to exercise. 
Every game you play – third sentence and I am already terrified.
Every night you stay – Surveillance around the neighborhood? probably bribing the doorman/ security guard? 
I’ll be watching you – I swear, I watched the video several times and either we are doing it at exactly the same time, or the man only blinks once, min 2:55.

Oh can’t you see
You belong to me – SAY WHAT????
How my poor heart aches
With every step you take”. – What is it? Did he use voodoo and tied both hearts together to have her move away physically hurt?

The directors of the video, the duo Godley and Creme were praised for the use of Black and white cinematography and Daniel Pearl won the first ever MTV cinematography award for it. I find that there is a clear tribute and reference to Hitchcock. Master of sick personal relationships (specially with mothers but we all know (and remember I am an expert on fictional Freud) that men relate to women the way they relate to their mothers). I see hints of the classics “Shadow of a doubt” (1943) and of course, I think this image…

rear window

…is clearly a reference to Hitchcock´s “Rear Window”. We all know that James Stewart spends the entire movie watching his neighbors. They all were very aware of it.

To think that still today it is still considered a classic “romantic” ballad. No wonder my cousins have dated creepy guys. This was the idea “sold” to them. I will leave you with an image of Sting´s dark side, that I hope will be embedded in your mind forever.

The Police

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You – Glenn Medeiros

This one is mostly about the song.

I apologize to Sting and Police´s fans out there for even daring to put Glenn Medeiros in a one on one with them. Personally I am not familiar with George Benson ( 10 time Grammy award winner and the man that wrote the song) and specially this song! But, I am a diligent analyst and this is another example of a twisted romantic relationship that came to mind…and also a song that played over 100.000 times on the radio. I actually think the first time I saw the video was TODAY, writing this post. And actually, it was exactly as I had expected it to be.

It start of with Mr. Medeiros with a lady walking along the beach. Cool. Nothing wrong with that. I´m in. Then at 0:41 something weird happens: he is wearing a different shirt than the one he was walking along the beach with…did he change? was the shirt stolen? Did it get wet? OR…is it a “subtle” way of suggesting they had sex? It is also at that same moment that you realize the man is a high school student (the Hawaiian artist was 16 when he recorded the song…it shows)

Glenn M

you will all be pleased to know the man is not another statistic “child star” with a tragic life, he is doing well and studying a PhD in the University of Southern California. But watching the video and seeing a child sing that song makes me wonder How could the message come across? was everyone high? How could you believe a kid singing that nothing was going to change his love for you? What about graduating from high school? college? losing his virginity????

Min 1:12. He has changed his shirt yet again!!! and now is fully open. I think he was probably going for the “Tom Selleck look”—sorry kiddo, that takes a man to pull it off.

Glenn Shirt

Magnum PI

The video continues the same way…walking along the beach and again, another shirt…then at 2:18 we see the couple “swaying” on a cliff. At 3:15 the cliche is complete when we see the pair ride of into the sunset on a horse. The director must have burned several million neurons coming up with that.

Regarding the lyrics let´s pick a paragraph

“If the road ahead is not so easy
Our love will lead the way for us
Like a guiding star
I’ll be there for you if you should need me
You don’t have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are”

You know, I don’t have anything bad to say about the lyrics. They are not Morrissey lyrics but they are not as perverted as the ones from the other video featured here. But in general the song is not great, neither is the singer and it got played so many times that it had the opposite effect on me: instead of feeling romantic when I hear it, I basically want to ran away. And cover my ears.

Do you agree with the fact that love songs have a direct impact on your love life? We’d love to hear from you.

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10 thoughts on “The 80s: Why I am not a romantic

  1. I do believe love song have an impact on your love life, but not cheese songs like Glenn Medeiros’ , real love songs, songs that can inspire you to do things you didn’t know you could do, I think we all have had that special moment with someone, with one song, that every time you think about it you can’t help but smile

      1. jajajajajajaja… yes, I knew you meant “cheesy” 🙂
        And yes, there are other love songs that can do that to you…I don´t know if for me it is exactly love songs, or in general music that makes me think of someone or a moment, but I agree, they do have an impact.

      2. oh absolutely, not only love songs, there are certain tunes that take you to a whole different place, comes to mind “Echoes” or “One of these Days” by Pink Floyd, mind blowing, well, Pink Floyd by definition is mind blowing

  2. Hi Naty!! times have changed as well as my love for you, now a days the gigantic statement “nothings gonna change my love for you” seems to have no deeper horizon than the next couple of hours. Thats why today people fall in love listening to songs like our romantic reggeton anthems “hoy es noche de sexo” or “eso en 4 no se ve”.

    Love songs definitely are seasoning to our relationships, either at the blossom or at the end.

    I know you can remember what we may call a nightmare on the love songs field and is the inconvinience of the 100.000 repetitions on the radio but with the little twist of THE SONG IS SANG IN SPANISH for god sake!!! thats right where the step between love and hate disappear.

    1. “Love songs definitely are seasoning to our relationships, either at the blossom or at the end.” You should write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and yes…I should do a post on translated songs!!! “bed of roses” by Bon Jovi comes to mind!!! jajajajaja
      Of coruse you forgot to mention the reggaeton classic “Con ropa haciendo el amor” jajajaja 🙂

  3. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you
    might be a great author. I will make certain to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back from now on. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great posts, have a nice morning!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!
      I hope you do come back and comment when you want to, it is great to know you like it!

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