Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

Considered by many critics the greatest jazz record ever, Miles Davis “Kind Of Blue” has influenced jazz, rock and classical music. It is also the greatest selling jazz album of all time.

“It must have been made in heaven.”

Jimmy Cobb

So What – Miles Davis

Masterpiece is a common word used to describe this revolutionary album released in 1959. Miles Davis breaks from ordinary chord progressions and starts using modal scales in his composition and improvisation. That is for the musicians who read us, but to me, the album is about setting a mood, an atmosphere, a vibe I have not been able to find anywhere else.

More than 50 years after its release, it is supposed to still sell more than 5.000 copies a week…can that be true? It is an impressive achievement. But then again when you look at the people involved in the album it shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Throughout his career, Miles Davis was, besides being a musical genius, a great talent recruiter. He surrounded himself with the bests, and of course this time would be no exception. On piano there is none other than Bill Evans (which I am sure we will write about on MVD so I won´t say anymore), drummer Jimmy Cobb, Paul Chambers on bass and saxophonists Julian “Cannonballs” Adderley and of course, the one and only John Coltrane. (A man whom we will also write about here).

Freddie Freeloader – Miles Davis

It was recorded in New York on March and April. The band had little breaks and at one point Coltrane even left but thankfully later came back. When the musicians came in to record, they were given only sketches and lines to improvise. There is a myth that says it was recording in one take, but that is only that, a myth.

Kind of Blue Track Listing

Side One

So what

Freddie Freeloader

Blue in Green

Side two

All Blues

Flamenco Sketches

Each one of the songs an emotional, evocative, transcendent unique piece of music, but together. It is magic, and brings a mood and energy that is magical, reliable and as the title says: Kind Of Blue.

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

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