The Lost Boys: Vampires in the 80´s.

“Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire”. Is it a Horror Movie? A Comedy Horror Movie? A Thriller? Do we care? It is a gem of the eighties, entertaining, filled with stars, hotties and of course, a KILLER soundtrack!

The Lost Boys Trailer (1987)

This movie is remembered by many for different reasons. It holds a special place in my heart because it was actually the first time I was introduced to The Doors. Ok, Ok, so it was not properly them but I NEVER forgot the song, could not get it out of my mind, and eventually found out the original was by The Doors. Ok, so the movie was released in 1987 (I was 10) and back then it took me a while to find out the information. In any case, I have to confess I like this cover.

People Are Strange – By Echo & The Bunnymen 

So two brothers and their mother move to Santa Carla, California (according to the movie and we find this out in the first 10 minutes “the murder capital of the world”) to live with their grandfather.

I will continue with the plot but in those two lines there is already a lot to talk about. So, two brothers: Michael Emerson (“Michael! Michael! Michael!”) and Sam. Well, it turns out that Michael is played by none other than Jason Patric.

Jason Patrick

The man is now a controversial figure, back then the world was only looking at his eyes. And a little bit of his acting. He played a tormented young man as he started to transform into a creature of the night.

Lost In The Shadows – By Lou Gramm

Then of course, there is Sam: Corey Haim.

Corey Haim

We will discuss more on him later, but I think it is safe to say anyone who grew up during the 80´s has still not recovered from his death. I think he and and the other Corey (also in this movie, more on him bellow) epitomized the eighties, like filmmaker John Hughes and actress Molly Ringwald and the Rubiks Cube and all things eighties which we have talked about before.

Lucy, their mother, is none other than Oscar Winning Actress Diane West. She plays a vulnerable, kind, fun and loving mother. and then we have the grandfather. I think the idea of having the grandparent be an avid taxidermist gives the movie a leverage point in the fun/comedy/horror genre that no other has.


So Lucy goes off to find a job and decides to try a video store. (oh damn I feel old!). And try asking the owner of the store for a job. While on the store, Sam meets two kids by the comics section.

Number 1. the owner of the store is Edward Herrmann. He will be Lucy´s boss, boyfriend and has a deeper role in the story. And now comes the meeting of the two guys. One of them is played by actor Jamison Newlander  and the other is the other Corey: Corey Feldman.  As I said before, the two Coreys were PIVOTAL in the eighties. They would go on to make many movies and even a reality show together. But it turns out that this was the movie where they both met.

Michael starts going to parties at the boardwalk were there are men covered in oil playing the saxophone. He then notices a pretty young woman, Star played by Jami Gertz. As they were chatting they are interrupted by David.

Cry Little Sister – By Gerard McMann

And this is where the movie gets scary. I mean, say what you want about Keifer Sutherland, he is the best vampire that has graced the screen. I am serious. Ok, its between him and Gary Oldman´s “Dracula”. But Sutherland is just talent and wit and sexiness and brains and evil…everything you want in a vampire.

Keifer Sutherland - The Lost Boys


I am not going to narrate the entire movie…I have already mentioned the main characters and I of course know that many of you already saw it, I think the idea of the post was to revisit the general idea and bring back to mind one of the masterpieces of its era. I must also say I LOVE the fact that Sam goes back to get his dog and loyal protector Nanook!

Nanook - The Lost Boys

Director Joel Schumacher orchestrated a classic and he empahizes the power of music with a great scene where there is a “death by stereo”. I will leave you with this video I found online.

The Lost Boys (1987): Where Are They Now?

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