The Musical Genius of William Shatner

You are supposed to write about what you love and if there is one personality I love, that is the one and only William Shatner. Shatner is in a way one of my role models, I look up to him. I want to have his energy and his courage to be himself. The man is 83 years old and still very much alive and enjoying life! He is fun, funny, hard-working, constantly taking on new challenges, not afraid of technology (like many people his age, or over 40!). On twitter he is very active and has 2 Million followers and you can find as @WilliamShatner. Shatner is an actor, author, film director, spokesmen, comedian and a celebrity. I would go as far as to say he is a DIVO (the male version of a DIVA if that concept exists). I follow him and keep up to date with what he did and this week he sent out this message to the Rosetta Comet landing team.

William Shatner (younger years)
William Shatner (younger years)


William Shatner (2014)
William Shatner (2014)

He was born in Canada (is he Canada’s most famous actor?) in March 22- 1931. For the majority of the public, the man is an icon because he played the famous Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise in the series Star Trek.

He played the Captain in the TV series in the 60´s, voiced him in the animated series in the early 70´s and starred in 7 of the Star Trek films filmed during 1979 – 94. He also wrote memoirs of his experience in the Trekkie world.

However, My love for Shatner flourished when I fell madly, deeply and completely in love with my favorite character EVER on a T.V. Series played by him as the unique and extravagant Denny Crane in the series Boston Legal. If you have not seen the series I URGE you to watch it as it is smart, adult, intelligent and well written TV ELITE. Here is a glimpse of what his character was

My love for him continued to grow with everything I saw him do, but it reached GREATNESS when he did this

William Shatner reads Sarah Palin Twitter poetry

Shatner is one of those figures that you either love or hate and his music inspires the same sentiment, it has been loved, criticized or parodied, but there is no way you don’t have an opinion after listening. His first Album was The Transformed Man, released in 1968. It was VERY BADLY received and includes a cover of `Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds` which has terrible reviews and which I have not listened to because I dont want to ruin this love I feel and I have every right to want to stay pure and undamaged. Shatner probably SHOCKED the world with his musical skills when he did his Rocket Man tribute in the Science Fiction Awards in 1978

Only Shatner could do that. Then again, only Shatner could do THIS!

In October 2004, Shatner released the album Has Been . It was produced and arranged by Ben Folds (!) and the songs we written by Ben Folds (!!) and Shatner. It was WELL RECEIVED by the critics and BY MYSELF!!! It has a unique style and I love the song `It Hasn´t Happened Yet` and the terribly sad song What `Have You Done` (Written for his third wife, who was an alcoholic and was found by Shatner one night when he came in and she had accidentally drowned in their pool). This album also features one of my favorite songs ever:

William Shatner – Common People

In October 2011 he released the album  “Seeking Major Tom”, it has collaborations from King Crimson to Asia to Peter Frampton and it has a cool version of Bowie´s Space Odity great version and a Bohemian Rapsody Cover.

In October 2013 (What is it with this man and October??) he released his album Ponder the Mystery, which has collaborations by Mick Jones, Nick Turner. Shatner wrote all the songs, such as this one

William Shatner – So Am I (Ponder The Mystery)

I don’t know if a lot of you were familiar with this side of Shatner. I personally think he is brilliant. He has been active and in the public´s eye for over 60 years, and although he has hes haters (everyone does) the man is just a force of nature. AND I LOVE HIM!!!!

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