The Tuesday playlist no.11: Sun, sun, sun…

Our playlist for this week includes a magnificent theme: the sun! The center of our universe and energy source for us all. This Tuesday´s one includes artist like Cat Power, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen and Portugal the Man.

The largest object in our solar system. El Sol,. Solei. Helios. The Sun. An ordinary star¨or the ruler of the sky?A gigantic mass made up of 70% hydrogen and 28% helium and with extreme conditions…maybe it is just that, the magnetic center of which the planet earth is just a satellite to. But it is also so much more. A God? Whatever it is, “el Mono” (the blonde one) sustains life and is our main energy source, and has been, is and will be revered until is expands and swallows us all…in the mean time, it represents so much, it is not only the planet that circles around it, it is life around earth that revolves around it. It marks our days, months and time. It impacts everything. This is not an essay on the sun, is so much more than that… it’s a playlist as a tribute.


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