The Tuesday Playlist No.14: Cosmic music

A slightly cosmic collection this week featuring The Police, The Carpenters, Brigitte Bardot, Hawkwind, Chris Bell, Kate Bush and more!

philae comet 67p robot and our tuesday playlist with kate bush david bowie blur the police hawkwind and mansun

The space world has been buzzing over the last few days after the European Space Agency’s robot Philae woke up after 7 months sleep aboard Comet 67P. The fact that we’ve been able to land a small robot aboard a comet moving at who knows what speed across deep space boggles our minds here at MVD, although to be fair our minds are quite easily boggled…

And so it is that from such mighty achievements come such relative inconsequentialities as this playlist comprised of a selection of tracks that relate in some way to space plus at least a couple that probably don’t in anything but the most tenuous way. Enjoy!

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