The Tuesday Playlist No.16: All about the money

An ‘on the money’ playlist (ahem) featuring ABBA, Destiny’s Child, Gwen Guthrie, Pink Floyd, Liza Minnelli, ZZ Top and much more…

This week we’ve taken our cue from the sense of impending financial doom here in Europe emanating from the whole Greece situation, which basically involves them going down and dragging everyone else with them.

Yep, it’s the latest financial crisis in an age of financial crises. We’re all screwed and surely a return to some kind of pre-industrial barter system isn’t too far away. If this happens I may have to start trading on my good looks. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. It may all mean nothing more than Greece being an incredibly cheap place to go on holiday next year.

Anyway, with this in mind I’ve put together a collection of songs inspired by the root of all evil which will do nothing whatsoever to ease the fiscal trauma but may just brighten the working week a little…

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