The Tuesday Playlist No.18: Talking, speaking, chattering, orating…

With The Coasters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Buddy Holly, Tears For Fears, James Brown, Tracy Chapman and more!

The theme for this week’s playlist is all about something we here at MVD like to do a lot of – talking, speaking, orating, conversating, shouting, screaming, whispering, the art of verbal communication etc etc… you get the idea I’m sure and whilst I could undoubtedly talk about this playlist and every track in it at great length on and on and on never shutting up or pausing to take breath until you probably start to think to yourself “is he ever going to shut up or pause to take breath” I won’t because that would probably be a bit much if I just talked and chatted and waffled on about how great the Style Council track is and how ‘Scream’ by Nut is from one of the great lost albums of the 90’s or how the version of Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation” is the original version and so much better than the JXL remix or how the Fred Neil version of ‘Everybody’s Talking’ is my favourite version of that song, and I could go an at considerable length about the Esther Philips track which just makes my heart sing but I won’t go on and on about any of that because otherwise we’ll be here all day and you’ll never scroll down far enough to get to the actual playlist which is just below awaiting your enjoyment. So, umm, yeah, enjoy!

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