The Tuesday Playlist No.36: Peace, Love and Understanding

For the people of Paris, Beirut, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and everywhere else where war and death are robbing people of peace and life.

We here at MVD were profoundly saddened by the events of the last few days. And you know, at a time like this it is hard to know how to express that sadness, what to say that has any meaning. We write about pop music and films, and it almost seems kind of trivial in the wake of such madness and destruction.

However, it’s also important to remember that music can play a role in the recovery process, and as you will see we have included the footage of the man who drove overnight to Paris with a piano to play ‘Imagine’ for people. There was nothing trivial about that, and it showed everyone how deeply touched we can be by this thing we call music. The rest of the playlist is full of songs that, well, might reflect in some way how we and others are feeling at this time, and is dedicated to innocent victims of war and terrorism everywhere, of every religion, colour, creed, and nationality. It is dedicated to togetherness, unity, and love, all things the world needs very much at the moment.

Peace to you all in these troubled times.

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