The Tuesday Playlist No.39: RIP David Bowie

We continue our tributes to the late David Bowie with our weekly Tuesday Playlist which presents just some of the many highlights of his stellar career.

Usually we have 15 tracks in these playlists but when it came to compiling this one that barely seemed adequate. Here’s a man who spanned decades, styles, trends and fashions effortlessly. To pick just 15 would seem like barely scratching the surface, so we upped it to 25 and in truth it still seems like we are barely covering all the bases. Anyway, for the sake of some kind of brevity 25 it is, and we hope that you will enjoy the luve versions and slightly more obscure performances buried amongst some of his more familiar songs and videos. This shouldn’t be seen as any kind of definitive list however, but merely a collection of just some of the Bowie tracks which we love the most.

This playlist should be played at maximum volume.

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