The Tuesday playlist No.4: We got the blues

This week’s mid-week blues busting collection features George Harrison, Kate Bush, Elliott Smith, The Whitest Boy Alive, B.B. King, John Renbourn and more…

Most weeks these playlists will have some kind of loose theme or vibe running through them usually because without that to start with it can all get a bit too random. This week’s playlist though is lacking any over-arching theme and instead is compiled of tracks that all have some kind of tenuous connection in the title to the previous one. Actually tracks 2 and 3 don’t really have a connection at all, but hey….

As a result we proudly bring you some wonderful footage of blues legend B.B. King, George Harrison’s follow up to one of his most famous Beatles songs, the late John Renbourn with a track that shows why he will be so sorely missed, some rare footage of Elliott Smith, an early 90’s dance-pop gem from The Beloved, Van Morrison with Them on one of their greatest singles, and the wonderful and unique Kate Bush with a single from her classic Hounds Of Love album. All that and more besides. We hope you enjoy!

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