The Tuesday Playlist No.64: 90’s UK Indie

For our latest playlist we take a journey back to the 1990’s and trawl through the backwaters of the UK indie scene.

I always had a problem with the whole Britpop thing. Fabricated by music journalists as a lazy way of turning a bunch of dissparate acts in to a ‘movement’ it has since become the distorted lens through which many see the rise of indie music in the 90’s, with Oasis and Blur out front, and at most about a dozen other bands behind them.

However, if you were there at the time (as I was) you’ll know there was a lot more going on than that. Indeed, whilst it could be argued that the 80’s was indie’s true golden decade (The Smiths, Jesus & Mary Chain, everything on 4AD, etc…) in many ways the 90’s was just as interesting. And so whilst this playlist features two or three Britpop stalwarts (including Shed Seven who were actually much better than most people remember them being, and Mansun because TUNE!) it also contains some who got obliterated by the Britpop juggernaut, like The Auters, Senseless Things, and the mighty Curve who should have been huge but for reasons that are impossible to grasp now floundered whilst Garbage, who’s name accurately decribes the music (see also Dodgy), flourished. Sometimes there’s no justice…

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