Time Capsule – 1972


After a short break, we are back and ready to resume writing here. We will start our new time capsule series in 1972 because Paul was born that year. Also, it was a leap year, and apparently the longest year ever. (with 2 extra seconds). The year was marked by violence, starting with the infamous “Sunday Bloody Sunday” on January 30th, when 27 unarmed civilians were shot by the British Army during a civil rights march. Which of course, was followed on February 2 by the burning of the British Embassy in Dublin, and after that, countless attacks, bombs, and deaths. The Watergate scandal would make headlines, and the events of the Munich Olympics would shock and sadden the world. The Vietnam war was coming to an end and biological weapons were declared illegal by more than 70 countries.

In popular culture, the First Star Trek convention took place in New York. Bell bottoms, mini skirts, and patterns were trending, HBO was launched, the phrase “Your Mama” became popular with the kids and David Bowie introduced Ziggy Stardust.

To celebrate this memorable year, we have selected a few of the songs which were on the charts and some personal favourites.


Neil Young – Heart of Gold


Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T.Rex


Luther Ingram – If Loving You Is Wrong


These videos are just a teaser, you can follow and listen to our 1972 playlist here:





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