TIMJ Wedding Jams – A thank you and a playlist.

So as some of you may or may not know MVD is a joint collaboration between myself and a very special woman I met nearly two years ago through a music sharing site we both love called This Is My Jam. From a love of each other’s taste in music grew a friendship that would span Twitter, Instagram and Facebook before eventually we hit upon the idea of starting a site where we could write, sometimes seriously and sometimes irreverently, about our favourite pop videos, films, singers etc… and generally enthuse over all the pop culture we both love. From this grew a romantic relationship that would turn out to be the greatest of our lives, a deep soul connection that neither of us could resist.

Trouble was I come from England and Naty comes from Colombia. And so it came to pass that in May of this year I undertook a ‘pilgrimage’ to South America to meet this lady who had become such an ever-present part of my life, with the intention of marrying her and (eventually) bringing her back to the UK. When the many good people of This Is My Jam caught wind of this they did something which we both were very moved by, and proceeded to post jam after jam dedicated to us and our wedding, which took place on the 25th of July. As it was we were both a bit busy over that weekend (as you can appreciate I’m sure!) and we didn’t get to listen to them all at the time. So we decided to do what we so often do with the music we love and turn it in to a playlist of as many of the tracks as we could find on Spotify (there were 6 we couldn’t unfortunately) which we present here to you now.

So thank you fellow Jammers, your outpouring of affection really meant a lot to us and genuinely added to the happiness we felt in the few days before and after our special day. This post and playlist is dedicated to each and everyone of you who jammed something, and who make up in part our favourite little corner of the internet (apart from MVD of course! ;-D).

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