Together but apart: Two pop tales for St. Valentine’s Day.

A look at Renee & Renato´s “Save your love” and the hardships of long distance relationships and the tragedy of being separated on Valentine´s Day.

So it’s Valentine’s day, a time for love to be declared, for romance to blossom, for those already in love to shower their partners with flowers and affection. If you have someone special in your life it is a day to let them know just how special they really are. And what I want to do today is take a look at two great pop romances, but two that have a common thread – that of separation, lovers who are together but must also be apart. There will be many like this around the world today, so spare a thought for them…

Renee & Renato – Save Your Love:

What we have here is a tale of two lovers who seem to be enjoying either a long-distance romance or maybe even a holiday fling. The circumstantial facts are hard to ascertain. What we can be sure of is this: Renee is Mr. Romance! He also very probably sells ice-cream for a living, however once again we are bereft of factual evidence for this. You will just have to trust me.

The video begins with Renee stood by a small pool alone. This scene marks the appearance of the first of his very dodgy sweaters. Whatever else Renato loves him for we have to assume his dress sense isn’t part of it! He is singing, sending a message to his distant lover. In the next scene we see Renato writing a love letter before her memories take over and suddenly we are taken back in time. They walk hand in hand through a garden. He is pointing out birds and trees and flowers, all of which must mind him of her in some way. He is sweeping her off of her feet. He is also wearing another almost unforgivably bad sweater. She must really love him…

renee sweater

Soon they are alone having dinner, all gooey-eyed for each other before we cut to the most romantic scene in the video. He is underneath her window, she is gazing out, he is serenading her. He has a single red rose for her, he has even put a suit on and gotten rid of the sweater! And then, despite being two floors up, he throws her the rose and she catches it. Aaaaah. This has won the keys too her heart. And also the keys to the front door it seems as next thing we know he is inside and dancing slowly.

By 2.20 his romantic serenading seems to have paid off and we see the two lovers in bed. But wait! He awakes and she is gone, it was all just a memory. At 2.29 we see our lovers at an airport (this must have happened before the letter writing etc… at the start of the video, although by this point I will admit to being slightly confused by the sequence of events…) and suddenly she is gone and he is left with nothing but his terrible sweaters (another one in this scene) and his ice-cream van to go back to.

Will she save her love? Will they find a way to be together? Or will they live on only in each others memories? If only they had made a follow up hit to explain everything (actually they did. It was called ‘Just One More Kiss’. It is too horrible to contemplate, believe me)…

Kylie & Jason – Especially For You:

Ok, so here we have a tale of two lovers who are separated and longing to be together. However, as the video reveals this is a situation that could probably have been remedied had they been slightly more organized. This was from the days before mobile phones though, so maybe we should forgive them a little.

And so it is that once again we have some romantic letter writing going on. This time it’s Kylie. She is alone, and obviously missing Jason. Cut to him, and he is looking all distant and smiling to himself as though he is reliving some great romantic moment between them. They seem to be unable to reach each other, as if something is keeping them apart.

However, next scene we cut to Kylie on her way to an audition. Then, lo and behold we have Jason on his way to the same audition! I thought they were in different timezones but no, it appears they are in fact closer than we thought. At 1.37 they miss each other by seconds, him arriving as she is leaving. This would not happen now. This is what mobile phones have given us. However, it’s not as if phones didn’t exist. She has his address, but not his number it seems. Odd…

kylie jason

Next Jason is waiting outside a house for her, eying his watch impatiently. In the other half of the split screen arrives Kylie. Whether she is late or early we can’t tell but once again they seem to be completely unable to arrange a simple meeting. They are apart but only because they both appear to be so hopelessly unorganized. We cut to the harbor and it is the same story. They are looking for each other but it is in vain. At this point it is as though they are possibly too stupid to meet. I mean, how hard can it be??

Soon though, it appears that Jason has finally had a bright idea. Kylie is at another audition, and in he walks. Finally they are together! However, I am left wondering if they didn’t then go and lose each other on the walk home. It’s no wonder this relationship didn’t last….

So in summary we have to pairs of separated lovers, albeit two that are very different. On the one hand we have Renee & Renato, the holiday lovers who pine for each other but now maybe exist only in the others dreams. On the other we have Kylie & Jason, separated not by time or distance or circumstances but by their own bungling incompetence, an almost complete inability to make an appointment and stick to it.

What we want you our readers to tell us is this – which of these two is the greatest romance? Which couple would you prefer to be one half of? Could you love Renee enough to see past his sweaters? Could you love Kylie enough to put up with her atrocious time-keeping? Which couple embody the spirit of St Valentine’s day the best? And what other romantic pop duets might compare to them? We would love to hear your thoughts on all of the above and wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s day. We love you all…

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