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I am  finally ready to assume my responsibility and face the consequences of writing this challenge, maybe what I would call “an inevitable post”: our first TOP 5 POST. I think many of you knew this was coming and that day has finally arrived. Seems to be that kind of week, a week for the inevitable to happen (and that is in NO WAY a bad thing).

For personal reasons (are there more important reasons?) this week I am thinking of airports, so I did the only rational thing I can think about: look for airport jams.

The following order does not affect my preference (I´m kidding, I love the first song and don’t really see the fuss about the last one).

Love International – Airport of Love

Unfortunately there is no video for my favorite airport jam! I know the site is called “Music Videos Deconstructed” and all that, but since this site is 50% mine, I will make an exception and include this one (and the one after this one too…SORRY!).

“Airport of Love” was released in 1981. The song was written By – F. Versailles-P.Grillet/Chany. Chany has worked as a producer and a writer on several projects, like the soundtrack for “Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” and the Pop song “C’est la ouate“. The man is a mystery and since I cannot give you more information about him, let me show you his picture:


Marc Harris – Airport (Cosmic Disco 1981)

As I am not able to talk about the video, I will talk about the artist: Marc Harris aka Steve Benson, aka Dieter Bohlen (yes, from Modern Talking!) Dieter Bohlen was born on February 7th 1954 in Germany. He is a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, entertainer and TV personality. The man has worked with everyone (and they don´t even go into his work under different aliases). More information on Dieter Bohlen.

 U2 – Beautiful Day

I know it has now become “uncool” to like U2 or Bono but fortunately I don´t care about such things (since I am the essence of cool of course) and even though the song has become an anthem for everything…yes, for everything, I still genuinely like it. The song is the first track from their album “All That You Can´t Leave Behind” and it was the lead single. I think it is  a great way to start and album, a decade, and I think it is a great omen. The video is set in Paris´ Charles de Gaulle International Airport. It shows the band playing on a hangar, a runway and with jets all around. The song is upbeat, Bono´s glasses are fabulous and I love when “The Edge” slides his bag on the x-ray scan machine and he is carrying a heart. Yes, I like that, sue me.

Wyclef Jean;Canibus – Gone Till November

The video is brought to us by Refugee Camp Films. You know when “The Fugees” are involved, it is probably going to turn out good. This hip hop group was composed by Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Pras Michel. They are considered by MTV the 9th greatest hip hop group of all time.

Wyclef Jean is a Haitian American artist, musician, actor and politician. He ran for Haiti´s presidential election but did not meet the requirements and he raised a lot of money to help the country after the earthquake, but his charity was closed because there were some doubts about the destination and administration of the donated funds. I won´t judge him and just thank him for trying to help in probably the best way he knew how to.

The song was nominated in 1999 for a Grammy under the Best Rap Solo Performance category. It is the third single from his debut Solo Album “The Carnival”. It was No. 7 in the United States and number 3 in the UK charts. The video was set in Los Angeles International Airport. It shows Wyclef walking around and airport, and I love how at 1:00 he shares a look with a kid and the kid starts silently reciting the lyrics of the song. By minute 1:27 you start to realize that he is constantly running into himself (as a janitor, a civilian), then at minute 2:07 he shares a look with an older man and the man starts singing the song also…I think it is a great work of making the viewer feel how everyone can relate to that situation of having to part and be apart for a while from a loved one. By minute 2:27 the video reaches it´s climax when it features a Cameo appearance by Bob Dylan when he sings  “I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door like I’m Bob Dylan.” A great video and an emotional song.

Maroon 5 -Makes Me Wonder


At 0:04 I must confess I am hooked looking at the screen because all I can see is Adam Levine. To this day, I still think he is perfection and I confess I watch the voice because I like singing, singing competitions and I love him. I also think he is a great judge.

The song was the first single from the bands second album “It Wont Be Soon Before Long”. It was an instant world wide hit and ended up winning a Grammy. The video was directed by John Hillcoat (an Austrian music director and screenwriter that has worked with Crowded Hose, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Placebo among others). It was shot at Los Angeles International Airport (What a surprise!). Levine said Hillcoat had an idea of turning the airport into a bizarre, surreal, sexually charged, fashionable world. I think the did a decent job. In general I can stand the song but I am with the critics on this one: not their best work.

If you want another song, I suggest you listen to this one by The Motors “Airport

And if you really want to dig deep, you might enjoy Brian Eno´s Ambient 1: Music for Airports.

I must add this video, a contribution from my friend @McRaul fifty five : The Byrds – The Airport Song

I hope you enjoyed this first Top 5 post. I also want to wish you good luck on all your present and future journeys!

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