The Tuesday Playlist No. 19: The Billboard charts

This week we are kicking off #themeweek here on MVD. We will have a post and playlist with out Top 40 Billborad No. 1 and much more activity around the subject through the week, however, for this week´s playlist we chose to stay on topic but a little to the side, we have chosen 15 songs from artists who have never had a number 1 Billboard hit.

The playlist features artists such as Bob Dylan. Yes. Bob Dylan has never had a No. 1 single. He has had No. 1 albums, but not singles. “Like a Rolling Stone” made it to Number 2. It also features other MVD favorites like Johnny Cash, R.E.M, Pearl Jam, James Brown and many more. We don’t care if they never made it to Number One, all the artists we feature here are fantastic and have helped make music what it is today.

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