The Tuesday playlist No.4: Broken hearted

New playlist with music by Odetta, Jimmy Scott, Rumer, Lila Downs, Tito Rodriguez, Esther Phillips and many great more artist singing about heartbreak and a lost love!

Today´s Tuesday Playlist is full of sadness and broken hearts because even though it is a terribly thing in life, it is actually a great thing for music when hearts are broken around the world…maybe that is what life does, an eternal cycle of love – broken hearts – good music to make up for it, that music lifts your mood up and you are once again, ready for love!

Maybe that is it or maybe there was something strange in my cereal this morning and I am over thinking! Anyway…it is GOOD and SAD! Got some Odetta, Jimmy Scott, Rumer, Esther Phillip and a total of 15 goodies for you! Hope you enjoy!

You can listen to the playlist here

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