New Reels: “Water Fountain” by Tune Yards

Feel like hearing something different, fun with a creative and interesting video? In today´s rushes section we want to recommend tUnE-yArDs “Water Fountain”

tUnE-yArDs is the music project of Merrill Garbus. She sings, plays the drums, the Ukulele and imprints her artistic vision on the entire experience that comes along with the music. Her previous themes have touched on acoustic folk, rock, R&B, punk, funk, free jazz and Afro beat. She relies on heavily layering looped sounds and is also the producer of her albums. This single is from the third album “Nikki Nack”  which will be released today: May 6th- 2014.  Her approach to imagery is very interesting as you can see bellow:

For this video she was inspired by a childhood favorite Pee-wee’s Playhouse (that should give you a hint it is not as innocent as you might think if you remember 1991 and when he Paul Rubbens was arrested for Indecent Exposure). At first sight you think it is childish and “sunny” with soft colors but take a closer look and you will be confronted by an Illuminati couch and the “eye of Isis” on an orange hand, a pyramid in the background plus a one eyed purple puppet, two ghosts, scattered construction blocks and a lilac shark-like nightstand but it all ends well, when she and her tUnE-yArDs partner Nate Brenner throw a dance party.

About her light videos and darkness beneath she says “It carries more darkness because it’s couched in joy. You can’t expose a child to a super-disturbing idea, you have to have a fun thing, but the adult creating the art has this darker understanding of the world, and they don’t want to lie to the kids. I think there’s a lot of that [in my music]. I don’t want to just say, ‘Let’s dance all night’, as if there’s nothing wrong with the world. Because that’s a big old lie.”  We think artists should always explore new options and pathways and we can´t wait to her this new album where we are sure she will be doing just that.

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