Unforgettable Live Performances – Queen at Wembley 1986

Queen live at Wembley on Saturday, July 12th, 1986, one of the most remembered and beloved concerts of all time.

There are artists, there are singers, there are performers and then there’ s Freddie Mercury.

I have already given him lots of praise (although there can never be enough praise for him) in a previous post here on MVD which you can find here.

On this opportunity I want to talk specifically about the concert given on Saturday, July 12th – 1986 at Wembley Stadium.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen – Live at Wembley 1986

This concert was given at the original Wembley stadium, also known as the Empire Stadium or as many would say the cathedral, the capital and the heart of football. In 2007 the New Wembley Stadium opened where it used to be located.

Original Wembley Stadium
Original Wembley Stadium

Growing up in Colombia, I think for many years it was the only Stadium{s name I knew. So iconic, so revered, for many a church. Must have been wonderful to go there, let alone FILL IT UP FOR A CONCERT!

Queen’ s Magic Tour was the last tour by the band. As many know, Freddie Mercury was diagnosed a year later with AIDS and would die in 1991 on November 24th (I will always remember that date because it is also my birthday, there is always a moment when I think or I am reminded of his passing that day). The tour was of 26 dates around Europe’s Stadiums. Which Stadiums? These ones.

“Under Pressure” – Queen – Live at Wembley 1986

My God, is there anyone with more command of the audience? I mean a whole Stadium doing singing lesson exercises? I think maybe…maybe Prince and McCartney when he has everyone singing “Hey Jude” but I am fairly certain that’s pretty much it.

Freddy Mercury  at Wembley
Freddy Mercury at Wembley

The original concert started at 4.00pm with tickets costing £14.50, OH!!!!!! I think I have now added one more destination to my trip back in time, very affordable (this link says it is between 37.00 to 59.00 pounds today). I can do that.  Four bands performed in the following order:

1. INXS —— OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

2. The Alarm ( I have no clue or actual desire to do any research, sorry, Alarm fans and members)

3. Status Quo —  Ok, I have to confess I do like “In the Army Now”, remember it?


Although you can find the entire concert in YouTube, while I watched all of it again to write this (yes, I love this, last time I saw this was: let’s not go there or I will feel very old). In any case, while I was watching it a song grabbed me…pretty cheesy actually, but, listening to it and reading about his diagnosis and death it just lingers in my mind. I will not post it here, but it was touching to see him do “Who Wants to Live Forever?”.

Finally, one last video from this unforgettable live performance and from a band that are now back to touring and whose members I admire, but who will never be there same:

“Another One Bites the Dust” – Queen – Live at Wembley 1986

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