New Reels: ‘Virtue’ by Bloc Party

Bloc Party have released a new song and video from their most recent album ‘Hymns’.

Virtue – Bloc Party

The English rock band are back. This time lead singer and rhythm guitar Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack (lead guitar, keyboards), Justin Harris (bass guitar, keyboards, sampler) and Louise Bartle (drums) have released a subtler album, more restrained than their previous ones. Two of the members left (Gordon Moakes and Matt Tong) and that can be heard. Every change brings a different dynamic to the band and the music. Give a listen to the album, its captivating and mature.

For all of my virtue
Why can I not hold the truth?
For all my good fortune
I would change my place with you
This path will lead us back
Will lead us back to ruin
For all of my virtue
Why can I not hold the truth?



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