When Harry Met Sally – Love and Friendship

“When Harry Met Sally” the eternal dilemma: can men and women be just friends? And the fantastic way this movie takes us on a quest to solve that mystery.

Valentine´s Day has come and gone and during the weekend it was all over the place. We didn’t celebrate Valentine´s Day in Colombia before, but now with globalization, the internet, having the same t.v. comedy series airing on the same channels all over the world, and with it also being a huge business and marketing opportunity, it is practically impossible not to “succumb” to the temptation. I know it is mostly a romantic holiday but I also know some people (myself included) who give cards and gifts and say “Happy Valentine´s Day” to their friends as well. This got me thinking about movies which showed friendship and love and in general about romantic comedies I liked. There are several that come to mind, but I have to say that my favorite soundtrack is definitely the one for a movie I would say is one of the Top 5 romantic comedies of all time:  “When Harry Met Sally”. 

 The Romance:

Harry (played by Billy Crystal) and Sally (played by Meg Ryan) encounter each other on and off though their lives until they become friends. I am not going to ruin it for you (if you haven´t seen it I suggest you get a hold of it now!) but the general idea is when they first meet they have just finished university and are both single and on their way to live in New York. Sally is very naive and Harry is at that age (one that most men don’t outgrow) where he just says stupid things pretending to be interesting or different or mysterious. Then they meet again and both are in serious relationships. Then again and both are getting over break ups. Then they become friends.

when-harry-met-sally-central park

I love this story between them and their relationship and who could ever forget the famous scene at the restaurant where Ryan fakes an orgasm (The writer, Norah Ephron has given credit to Ryan for coming up with the idea of doing it and also doing it at a restaurant) and the phrase “I´ll have what she is having?”


The Friendship:

Each one of the main characters has a best friend. Sally´s friend is Marrie (played BRILLIANTLY by Carrie Fisher). Carrie Fisher is amazing. She is a great actress and screenplay writer also (she is a bit crazy but I do recommend her books). Anyway, I think we women can relate to the friendship between these two characters. One is sane when the other one isn’t (the best kind of friendship) and they capture the essence of female relationships.

When-Harry-Met-Sally-Carrie Fisher

Then there´s Jess (Played by Bruno Kirby) and his camaraderie with Harry. I love many scenes between both of them but my favorite dialogue (of the whole movie I must add) is this conversation that goes on between them when they are at the baseball game


“Jess: Marriages don´t break up on account of infidelity. It´s just a symptom that something else is wrong.

Harry: Oh really-‘ Well, that “symptom” is fucking my wife.”

The friends hooking up:

It is a bit predictable that this will happen…but it is also an every day situation. I personally have had most of my friends hook up with each other. At the end it never works out because they are usually mad at each other and I end up in the middle and the whole “group” falls apart, but I love the couple Marrie and Jess make.

When Harry Met Sally friends hook up

Besides great acting, writing, music and production, the movie poses the age old question “can a man and a woman be friends?” Or is there always one of them that has a romantic interest in the other? Does sex always get in the way? We would love to know what you think.


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2 thoughts on “When Harry Met Sally – Love and Friendship

  1. I think is a difficult question, I believe a guy and a girl can be friends that’s for sure, without any of them wanting to have sex with the other, but that only happens if they’re coworkers, classmates I mean,if they just happen to find each other, but there’s no way a guy would seek a girl to be his friend, believe me, when a guy asks a girl out and she says “he only wants us to be friends” that’s… well, not true. just check this out, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNVh_S6cjb4 haha

    1. jajajaja
      I remember that ad 🙂
      Yes, I think you might be right…but a part of me wants to believe that is not true, friendship is possible…

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