The elevation of the club DJ to superstar status is something that was spawned by the explosion of dance music in the 90’s and seems to have stuck.

Don’t get me wrong – and I speak as a former DJ myself, albeit not of the ‘superstar’ variety – there is a definite art to keeping people on the dancefloor, and it requires many hours of practice and a meticulous knowledge of the music you play so I’m not dissing them here. However, it is still a case of playing other people’s music and definitely not as skilled as playing an actual musical instrument or writing your own (although some DJ’s do that too, of course). The point is that the cult surrounding this profession has for a long-while now been a little ridiculous. Lots of money, drugs and ego that often don’t tally with the actual talent required, especially in the often formulaic world that dance music has become.

And that’s what makes this skit so wonderfully funny, satirising as it does not only the DJ who gets paid large sacks of money for trotting out a set he may well have already designed on his laptop, but also the music itself and the club culture that often slavishly worships such figures. We here at MVD think it’s hilarious! We hope you do too. WHEN WILL THE BASS DROP??????

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One thought on “WHEN WILL THE BASS DROP???

  1. Lonely Island is always entertaining.. and I love when artists can step in and poke fun at themselves. But you really hit home with this, too many DJ’s too little talent. not much originality …that said I do love deadmau5 🙂 great article as always~

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