‘You’re In Love With a Psycho’ by Kasabian

Only a few days have gone by since the band released its new video, and it’s already stirring controversy among mental health workers and institutions, who think the video taps into wrong stereotypes.

The English band from Leicester had a great year last year and this album is a reflection of it. Guitarist and vocalist Serge Pizzorno said:

“I wrote a proper feel-good album. It’s just the pure positive and complete opposite of what’s going on at the moment because that’s where I was as a human being.

“This was my reaction against the rest of the world.”

I think maybe that is the irony in the video. The world is crazy around them, and they are simply trying to dance around it. The irony might be lost and it is definitely not ok to call mental patients ‘Psychos’ but at the same time, music should shake and rattle people. it has a license to make fun of situations and circumstances the way that only it can, and we applaud the courage to stay optimistic in an apparently crumbling world.



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